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The Kingdom Parables
Class Audio
Date Teacher Class Title Pod
07/21/13 Bill McFarland The Kingdom Parables MP3
07/28/13 Bill McFarland The Parable of the Soils MP3
08/04/13 Bill McFarland The Parable of the Weeds MP3
08/11/13 Bill McFarland Small Beginnings MP3
08/18/13 Bill McFarland Of Surpassing Worth MP3
08/25/13 Bill McFarland Separations MP3
09/01/13 Bill McFarland Workers for the Vineyard MP3
09/08/13 Bill McFarland The King's Wedding Party MP3
09/15/13 Bill McFarland Like an Owner Seeking Fruit MP3
09/22/13 Bill McFarland Those Who Were Ready MP3
10/06/13 Bill McFarland The Sheep and the Goats MP3
10/27/13 Bill McFarland The Widow, the Pharisee, the Child MP3

Recorded in Windows Media format.  Free player available HERE. 
Pod Casts are 56k MP3 format (Higher Quality but 6X larger files).

To listen to the lessons while online, click on the date.  To save for listening offline,
right click the date and select "save target as", save it and play it anytime you want.