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Date Teacher Class Title Pod
09/06/17 Bill McFarland The Harvest of the Spirit MP3
09/13/17 Bill McFarland Heaven: What is the Hope
Ephesians 1:18
09/20/17 Bill McFarland "Heaven" in the Bible MP3
10/04/17 Bill McFarland Like Angels in Heaven
Luke 20:27-40
10/11/17 Scott Barton Receiving the Law
Exodus 32
10/18/17 Bill McFarland Glory MP3
10/25/17 Bill McFarland The Beneficial Absences MP3
11/01/17 Bill McFarland Present in Glory MP3
11/08/17 Bill McFarland The Experience of the Righteous MP3
11/15/17 Bill McFarland New Heavens and a New Earth
2 Peter 3:13
11/29/17 Travis Morrison Painting the Timeline MP3
12/06/17 Travis Morrison Painting the Timeline MP3
12/13/17 Travis Morrison The Beattitudes MP3
12/20/17 Bill McFarland About Those Who Are Asleep MP3
12/27/17 Bill McFarland On the Other Side MP3
01/03/18 Bill McFarland It Will be Different After That Day MP3
01/10/18 Bill McFarland  Heaven Now MP3
01/17/18 Bill McFarland Who Can Go There? MP3

Recorded in Windows Media format.  Free player available HERE. 
Pod Casts are 56k MP3 format (Higher Quality but 6X larger files).

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