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2021 Audio Sermons
Date Speaker Title Length Pod
01/03/21 AM Bill McFarland My God and This Year
Psalm 91
36:53 MP3
01/10/21 AM Justin Hatfield Fellowship
Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-35
24:17 MP3
01/17/21 AM Justin Hatfield  Fellowship Part Two 30:05 MP3
01/24/21 AM Bill McFarland  Fellowship is Tough 34:23 MP3
01/31/21 AM Bill McFarland Where I Came From and Where I Am Going
John 8:12-14
31:55 MP3
02/07/21 AM Bill McFarland Athletes, Crowns, and Us 33:09 MP3
02/14/21 AM Bill McFarland His Prayer and Our Thinking
Matthew 6:9-13
30:55 MP3
02/21/21 AM Justin Hatfield Rest For Your Souls
Matthew 11:25-30
25:53 MP3
02/28/21 AM Bill McFarland Abide in Christ
John 15:4
29:53 MP3
03/07/21 AM Bill McFarland His Word: His Gift to His People
John 17:14
34:54 MP3
03/14/21 AM Bill McFarland In the Better Case
Hebrews 6:9-11
30:14 MP3
03/21/21 AM Bill McFarland How to Honor the Cross 34:12 MP3
03/28/21 AM Justin Hatfield What is Truth? 24:24 MP3

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