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2020 Audio Sermons
Date Speaker Title Length Pod
03/15/20 AM Bill McFarland In the Shadow of Urgent
1 Timothy 2:1-7
26:38 MP3
03/08/20 AM Bill McFarland Servants Among Servants: The Structure of a Healthy Church 30:16 MP3
03/08/20 PM Bill McFarland Pick Out From Among You
Acts 6:3
27:20 MP3
03/01/20 AM Bill McFarland The Church of the Lord
Acts 20:28
31:44 MP3
03/01/20 PM Bill McFarland Like a Shepherd Lead Us
John 10:1-18
27:38 MP3
02/23/20 AM Bill McFarland The Grace of the Lord
Acts 15:11
28:36 MP3
02/23/20 PM The Men Our Purpose, Talents, and Prayers 53:17 MP3
02/16/20 AM Bill McFarland The Disciples of the Lord
Acts 9:1
29:00 MP3
02/16/20 PM Steven Ashcraft West Africa Mission Update 46:43 MP3
02/09/20 AM Bill McFarland The Name of the Lord
Acts 2:21
33:06 MP3
02/09/20 PM Bill McFarland Four Blessings: A Prayer Guide for Us 35:50 MP3
02/02/20 AM Bill McFarland The Spirit of the Lord
Acts 5:9
32:12 MP3
02/02/20 PM Bill McFarland A Tough Order - Acts 1:4 18:00 MP3
01/26/20 AM Bill McFarland Zacchaeus: How to Become Someone Great
Luke 19:1-10
29:02 MP3
01/26/20 PM The Young Men Children 48:09 MP3
01/19/20 AM Bill McFarland Simon and the Sinful Woman: How to Relate Among the Blessed
Luke 7:36-50
35:20 MP3
01/19/20 PM Bill McFarland The Witch of En-dor
1 Samuel 28
28:13 MP3
01/12/20 AM Bill McFarland The Widow of Nain: How to Accept Something Wonderful
Luke 7:11-17
33:52 MP3
01/12/20 PM Bill McFarland The Limits of Evidence
Luke 7:18-23
28:55 MP3
01/05/20 AM Bill McFarland John: How to Expect Something Good
Luke 3:1-18
34:57 MP3
01/05/20 PM Bill McFarland His Word in Our Heart 30:37 MP3

Sermons recorded in Windows Media format.  Free player available HERE. 
MP3s are 56k bit rate (Higher Quality but 6X larger files).