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11/29/20 AM Justin Hatfield The Widow's Offering
Mark 12:41-44
23:57 MP3
11/22/20 AM Bill McFarland Ultimate Thanksgiving
Revelation 7:9-17; 11:15-18
33:34 MP3
11/15/20 AM Bill McFarland It Belongs To Him
John 10
29:41 MP3
11/08/20 AM Brendan Carroll Advice During Trying Times
Ephesians 4:17 - 5:2
18:04 MP3
11/01/20 AM Bill McFarland Prayer, Justice, Mercy
Luke 18:1-14
30:00 MP3
10/25/20 AM Bill McFarland But You, Beloved...
Jude 20-23
32:49 MP3
10/18/20 AM Bill McFarland How to Make a Comeback
2 Corinthians 13:11,14
31:45 MP3
10/11/20 AM Bill McFarland God Who...
2 Corinthians
34:11 MP3
10/04/20 AM Bill McFarland Do Just as I Have Done
John 13:1-20
35:14 MP3
09/27/20 AM Bill McFarland The Gift of The Supper
1 Corinthians 10:16
25:33 MP3

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