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09/13/20 AM Justin Hatfield Ambassadors for Christ
Part 2
29:38 MP3
09/06/20 AM Justin Hatfield Ambassadors for Christ 27:05 MP3
08/30/20 AM Bill McFarland Now Reconciled
Colossians 1:19-23
34:41 MP3
08/23/20 AM Bill McFarland  On a Positive Note
Romans 5:1-11
34:22 MP3
08/16/20 AM Bill McFarland  School Days
Psalm 78
32:42 MP3
08/09/20 AM Bill McFarland The Weightier Matters
Matthew 23:23
34:58 MP3
08/02/20 AM Justin Hatfield Living in the Wilderness 28:18 MP3
07/26/20 AM Bill McFarland  You are of More Value
Matthew 10:31
30:24 MP3
07/19/20 AM Bill McFarland We Could Learn a lot From a Bird Family 31:02 MP3
07/12/20 AM Bill McFarland The Blessed
Matthew 5:2-10
34:43 MP3
07/05/20 AM Bill McFarland Imperfection
A Spiritual Response
37:15 MP3

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